Web 2.0 and Social Technology

The Web can probably be thought of in two parts:

The Semantic Web (a term I believe was introduced by the CEO of Forrestor),

essentially meaning the interaction between machines using the internet/web and

The Social Web, which covers the interaction of people using the internet.

The Web has grown from something that you visit once in a while, to something this is around you all the time. The Web is now a platform. The use of the internet in its traditional form (i.e. using your desktop or laptop) is probably on its decline. People are now using the web and over the place - on their phones, on their TV's, DVD players and gaming machines; in their cars, in the airplane and even on the beach while having a Pina Colada. The web is everywhere!

Fact: Gone are the days of a 2 million plus internet startup. A Web 2.0 startup can go to market with less then USD 500,000. The areas of focus that Kunal typically helps startups with are:Concept Defintion
Implementation Optimization
Multiple Revenue Sources
Usage Analysis



Web 2.0 Revenue Models

dollar signEnabling Effective Collaboration

dollar signLimited Subscriptions (free is best)

dollar signLink Exchange and Effective Ads

dollar signMobile & Device Ubiquity

dollar signCustomer Support

web 2.0 revenue models

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