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Who said someone has to have a single career!. Kunal is an entrepreneur in a true sense. His latest venture with his wife, Neeta Mittal, is a boutique winery out of the fast growing wine region in the United States. Paso Robles, CA, is the home of Kunal's new winery, called LXV Wine. LXV is inspired by the 64 Arts of the Kamasutra and the beautifully crafted wines help bring out the inner sensuality in You!


Startup Consulting - CTO, Advisor, Development Partner

Kunal has mentored several startups define their technology strategy, product roadmaps and led their implementation efforts from concept to either alpha/beta launches or all the way up to their product launch.

 Examples of a few companies he has been involved with over the past few years are:

Current Projects

  • Cloud Computing / SAAS: Kunal is helping several companies in the Cloud Computing space. The general themes for these startups are to provide Identity Management in the Cloud and to provide Business Intelligence in the Cloud. As you can imagine, he cannot speak too much about this just yet, but please visit his Cloud Computing Blog.
  • Educational / Recruiting application: Advisor / Consulting Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for a startup in the educational and recruiting space. The product is very much like a monstor or a dice, but with a twist. It is specifically sold to educational institutions. The company has a couple colleges as customers and is currently in the fund raising stage.
  • iPhone and Mobile applications: Advisor and Architect for several upcoming iPhone applications that are focsussed on content delivery and social networking. See Kunal's first iPhone application.

Past Projects

  • Storage/Archival solution: Advisor to a company that was launching a new product in the storage and archival space. This product will solve traditional problems with tape backups using a 3 tiered storage architecture of Flash memory, solid state hard disks and Blu Ray. Kunal was focused on the definition of the product requirements for the Digital Media space.
  • Web 2.0 / SAAS - Twitter like application: Advisor to a startup to help them define their product features, technology strategy and implementation plan for a Web 2.0, Twitter like application in the Investor Relations space. This application will be available on the Web, IPhone, Blackberry and as desktop widgets.
  • Web 2.0 / SAAS - Evite like application: Advisor to a startup to help them define their technology strategy and offshore development strategy for a Web 2.0 application that is a mix of Twitter, Evite and Web 2.0 social networking type features. This application will be available on the Web, IPhone, Blackberry and as browser widgets.
  • Digital Media / DVD on Demand: Consultant to a startup that launched a new DVD on Demand offering. Kunal's involvment was from the initial concept stage, partnering with an offshore partner to deliver the application. The role was of a consulting Project Manager and Architect.
  • Social Network: Consulting CTO for a a social network leverage their offshore partner and build out their product till an alpha launch. In addition to playing the architect and PM role, Kunal helped with the devlopment of a provisional patent and the business plan.
  • RFP Consulting: Assisted many consulting companies in the process of responding to several RFP's for Fortune 100 and government clients. The applications were SOA based systems in the Educational, Defense or Logistics space. Out of the 5-7 RFP's that Kunal helped deliver, one of the projects secured by a consulting company was at a price tag of over 7 million US dollars.

This is just a subset of the consulting work he has done in the recent few years. In addition, Kunal is widely recognized as an author and editor of several books and articles as you can see on his Publications page.

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