Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Is SOA dead? Read Kunal's blog posting about this issue as it is being discussed today.

Kunal uses a unique SOA methodology, nicknamed, Service Oriented Unified Process (SOUP) which is a hybrid of RUP and Extreme Programming (XP). He also devised Service Oriented Architecture Maturity Model (SOAMM), that leverages the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and applies it to SOA development. Together, SOUP and SOAMM, form the basis of his consulting engagements, and enable him to deliver a successful SOA project.

Business Benefits of Service-Oriented Architecture

  • Efficiency: Shared services instead of disparate business processes; lowered maintenance costs.
  • Responsiveness: Business agility, ability to respond quickly to new business opportunities.
  • Adaptability: Systems can quickly evolve as the business needs change.

IT Benefits of Service-Oriented Architecture

  • Reduced Complexity: Standards based systems, made up of smaller chunks (Services).
  • Increased Reuse: Services are built to reuse - 80% reuse of existing services, 20% new services.
  • Time to Delivery: Implementations takes weeks instead of months or year.
  • Integration: No Point to Point integrations, rather a use of a services layer, or Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

SOA Services

Examples of the types of services we offer include:
  • SOA Strategy Identify need for SOA in your company
  • ROI analysis of SOA
  • Document SOA in business terms
  • Strategic guidance and mentoring on SOA initiative
  • Authoring and training services around SOA implementation

SOA Architecture

Architecture Develop an enterprise architecture with support for SOA
  • Identify technical and business Services
  • Development Framework for SOA
  • Methodologies and Process
  • Governance and support models
  • Vendor assessments for different SOA tools such as ESB, WS-M vendors etc

SOA and Web Services Development and Deployment

Support Develop your application using Web Services and SOA standards
  • Recommend Web Services platform
  • Migrate existing applications to support SOA
  • Deploy an enterprise-wide SOA solution
  • Consulting around which WS-* standards to adopt, when and how

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