Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Kunal has been working on Mobile applications since the days of the Apple Newton device. He has experience with the newest mobile technologies, and has helped build several Enterprise and Consumer mobile applications.

Enterprise Mobile Applications

At Sony Pictures, Kunal has launched close to half a dozen different Enterprise mobile applicationson the Blackberry platform. These include applications that have document management, approval workflow, notification and other such functions, to different sales and marketing groups in the Domestic TV division. One of his applications helped Sony Pictures TV (SPT) sales executives access real time information about the product availability, prior sales and other such Business Intelliegence information; leading to a competitve advantage for the division.

Recent Consumer iPhone Applications

  • iStretch & Strengthen is a no-frills applications that walks a user through a simple 30minute stretching excerise routines. It is easy to use, updatable in real time via the internet and ad-free.
  • is an online, Web 2.0 portal built by Kunal's consulting partners, Bodhtree Consulting. Kunal is helping Bodhtree build an iPhone application for ArtFlute.

Books on Mobile Platforms

ArtFlute AppArt FluteiStretch Excerises

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