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Kunal combines a unique knowledge of how Hollywood works, with his depth of experience in SaaS and Cloud Computing.

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Kunal's work at Sony Pictures Entertainment and his involvement with several other companies in Media and Entertainment space, allow him to bring a unique perspective to SaaS and Cloud Computing initiatives to solve business problems in this industry. Kunal's experience includes

  • Production Process: Kunal has worked as an Executive Producer on several independent movie projects; and as such he has depth of hands-on experience in Pre-Production, Production and Post Production.
  • VOD: Kunal has worked on a SOA project in the Digital delivery / Video-On-Demand space.
  • Domestic TV: Kunal was the Executive Director of Technology for the Domestic TV line of business at Sony Pictures. In this role he gained a lot of experience in the business behind entertainment; specficially in areas of Product Management, Sales, Rights Management, Availability Tracking, Finance, Business Affairs and all other areas of the business.
  • Digital: Kunal has been involved with several initiatives to streamline digital delivery processes for content and related workflow.

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