Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is recognized as amongst the top 10 disruptive technologies of 2008. For 2009, many are rating it as the #1 disruptive technology, which a short term promise of being cost effective and efficient to adopt as compared to the promises of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) for the past 3 years. Gartner actually predicts the decline of traditional enterprise SOA initiatives and increase of adoption of a Cloud in some form or another. Merrill Lynch Estimates the market to be $100+ billion. Every major IT company is providing new technologies for the Cloud. Kunal has studied 85 companies so far and would be happy to share his thoughts with you.

Key Cloud Challenges today

  • Vendors are still in early phases of evolution - Many players in the market with competing and/or complimentary offerings
  • Lack of well defined Service Levels and processes
  • Lack of development/management and monitoring tools
  • Lack of standardization of access control; setup and usage processes
  • Concerns around data privacy and security
  • Customers need to work with different cloud offerings based on different application needs Email, Transaction Processing, Web Applications, Imaging/Rendering (Media), Storage etc
  • Most clouds are technology specific – Java, .NET, PHP
  • Lack of standardization around how an application in a cloud will interact with existing applications in a data center
  • Lack of migration processes from existing data centers to the cloud

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