Kunal Mittal

I graduated from Beloit College, which is a small private liberal arts college in Beloit, Wisconsin, USA. I received a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Physics in May 1999. I also have earned a Masters of Science in Software Engineering from National Technological University, in December 2003 in addition to full-time job as a J2EE / Web Services Architect.

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The classes I am took at Beloit College are as follows:



Fall 1996 (Total 7 units = 28 semester hours)

FYI 100 (First Year Initiative Seminar)
PHYS 101 (Introduction to Physics 1)
MATH 110 (Calculus 1)
ECON 100 (Principles of Economics)
DANCE 250 (Ballroom Dance)

Apart from this, I transferred credits for:

CSCI 100 (Introduction to Computing)
CSCI 111 (Introduction to Computer Science)
CSCI 200 (Programming in C)


Spring 1997 (Total 4.25 units = 17 semester hours)

CSCI 195 (Data Structures in C++)
MATH 115 (Calculus II)
THEA 116 (Stage Makeup)
THEA 116 (Magic as a Performing Art)
MUSIC 100 (Introduction to Music 1)
MUSIC 101 (Introduction to Music 2)
PIANO 100 (Beginners level)


Fall 1997 (Total 4 units = 16 semester hours)

CSCI 203 (Introduction to Algorithms)
CSCI 245 (Networks)
CSCI 390 (Special Project: Application Development for the Pilot PDA)
EDUC 100 (Education in a Democratic Society)


Spring 1998 (Total 5.25 units = 21 semester hours)

CSCI 305 (Software Engineering) (Click here to see our group project)
CSCI 335 (Operating Systems)
MATH 200 (Discrete Math)
IDST 211 (Game Theory and Design)
PHYS 160 (Digital Systems)
PHYS 102 (Introduction to Physics 2)
MATH 390 (Mathematical Competition in Modeling) (Click here for the final report)


Fall 1998 (Total 5 units = 20 semester hours)

CSCI 315 (Algorithms) ( Click here to see my term project for the class (A Convex Hull applet).)
CSCI 250 (Artificial Intelligence)
PHYS 206 (Mathematical Methods of Physics)
IDST 258 (Applications in Remote Sensing and GIS) (Click here for the final project report)
THEA 150 (Broadcast Production)


Spring 1999(Total 5.5 units = 22 semester hours)

CSCI 350 (Database Systems)
CSCI 385 (CS Colloquium) - Algorithmic Aspects of Speech Recognition (Click here for the project report)
CSCI 270 (Network Security) - Just sitting in
PHYS 390 (Introduction to Aerodynamics) - Special Project (Click here for the project report)
ART 225 (Computer Art)
MUSI 123 (Music in Film)
GEOL 110 (Environmental Geology)

GRADUATED WITH a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Physics !!
(May 1999)

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