Kunal is an instrument rated private pilot and enjoys flying his Cessna 172. He has over 450 hours of flying in a single engine airplane, and is passively pursuing a Commerical Pilot License. Kunal's passion is Aeronautics. As part of his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, he achieved a minor in Aeronautical Physics where his final project was demonstrating how a Cessna 172 can take off at 60 knots-slower than most cars on a freeway. This was done by using a series of experiments in a Wind Tunnel that Kunal built in a college laboratory.
  • Take off and Landing at Catalina Airport, near Los Angeles
  • * This airport is supposed to be the most dangerous airport in the United States *
  • * It has a slanted runway, short, narrow and a cliff on both sides*
  • (click here to see a video)
  • Night Touch & Go in the Cherokee 6 at Torrance Airport
    (click here to see a video)
  • Flight from Torrance to Hawthorne Airport Short and simple flight
    (click here to see a video)

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  • ADDS - Detailed weather information
  • Flight Aware - Track your flights
  • myAFD - Only Airport Facilities Directory
  • Flight Planning - Airport Information and Approach Plates
  • AirNav - Airport Information and Approach Plates

  • Fly only after complete this check-list. Illness, Medication, Stress, Alcohol, Fatigue, External Pressure

Some amazing shots of downtown LA, and surrounding areas; actually taken by a professional photographer.