CS 305 Software Engineering

Project Teams

Document Version: 1.0.1, Feb. 5, 1998.

Document Maintained by: Darrah Chavey.

Changes from Previous Versions: V. 1.0.

Non-standard Terminology: Several names.

Document purpose: This document lists which class members are on which teams, who is the chair (and hence also the document maintainer), and who is responsible for recording the notes at the inspection.

Chair & Document Maintainer Inspection Recorder Additional Team Members
Functional Specifications John Duggins Joe Squire Dave Sager      
User Interface Specifications Joe Squire Kunal Mittal          
User Documentation Jennifer Wasserstrass Tom Walcott John Duggins        
Architectural Design Tom Walcott Johann Raffin Jennifer Wasserstrass        
Module Design Kunal Mittal Dave Sager Johann Raffin Tom Walcott      
Module Coding



Dave Sager Kunal Mittal Jennifer Wasserstrass Joe Squire John Duggins
Module Testing Dave Sager John Duggins Johann Raffin Joe Squire Tom Walcott    
Integration Johann Raffin Jennifer Wasserstrass Kunal Mittal        


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