CS 305 -- Software Engineering

Module Design

Version: 1.1 25th. April 1998.

Maintained by: Kunal Mittal

Other Members of Team: Tom Walcott, Dave Sager, Johan Raffin

Changes from Previous Versions: No previous versions.

Non-standard Terminology: Pre-condition, Post-condition

Document purpose: This document specifies the structure of the program. It defines the pre-conditions and the post-conditions for all the public and private functions as well as defines all the private data members and private methods. It also outlines algorithms that will be implemented by all the functions. This document extends the Architectural Design document and forms the basis for the Coding phase of the project. The methods and variables with the "**" symbol before them are the ones added by Module Design.

 Object Name Designer
 Node Object  Kunal Mittal
 Link Object  Johan Raffin
 Line Object  Tom Walcott
 Master Node Object  Kunal Mittal
 Master Link Object  Johan Raffin
 Master Line Object  Tom Walcott
 Command Object  Darrah Chavey
 Parser Object  Darrah Chavey
 Error Object  Kunal Mittal
 Loop Object  Dave Sager
 Command Line Object  Dave Sager
 Lesson Object  Kunal Mittal
 CPMenu Object  Kunal Mittal
 Undo Object  Dave Sager


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